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Friday, December 23rd, 2005
10:20 am
It is the 23rd of December and in a few minutes I am going to get ready and START my Christmas shopping. Yes, last minute but it will be fun. My co-worker from the candy shop, Lauren, and I are going. We are really "two peas in a pod" if that makes sense. Although she is only 17 I'm telling you we have mirror personalities which is awesome. We've been planning shopping, watching the "Nightmare Before Christmas," and baking this thing called "bark" (I've yet to find out what that entails), for over a month now. Also, the day-after-Christmas (Monday) we are going to hit up the Mewithoutyou/Thursday concert in Atlantic City. I've been raving about Mewithoutyou's concert preformance for a while now. The band is a taste you must aquire, but I promise you'll fall in love with them once you go to a live show. They are just so WIERD, lol. Aaron Weiss writes the most beautiful lyrics and he is a character on stage. Their trademark is to usually throw flowers around (symbolic of something I'm sure), and be all dramatic (aka crawling on the floor) on stage. There's more but words don't do the band justice.

On another note (not music) my sister and I are doing a car exchange today. Yes my car known formerlly as "Big Red" is getting the boot. Selling it for a lap-top. I'm inheriting my sister's car, and she will in turn inherit my parents car. My parents brought a used minivan, it's quite nice actually. The purpose of this tradeoff is for safer travels to VA Beach. Being that "Big Red" constantly has a check engine light on......and break light, we'd rather be safe than sorry.

I have one week left in Ocean City before my move. Hasn't really hit me yet. I need to start packing my stuff at some point. The hardest thing to leave behind are friends and family. I have been blessed with the best friends in family a girl can ask for. No one in VA beach can replace them.......but then again it is always nice to meet new people. OK time to get ready for a fun filled day of shopping, cooking, and watching Tim Burton's masterpiece :)
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
7:48 pm
Long-Time-No-Write :)
It has been a while....

Also, this is not the oprotune time to write really, because I am multi-tasking at the radio station and must leave in exactly 7 minutes to catch up with some friends. So let me call this a "sneek-preview" of an entry and I'll be satisfied with that.

Where to Begin?

Well my-friends, it looks like after twenty-four years of living in the little fantastic bubble of Ocean City, NJ I am (gasp) leaving for Virginia Beach in January to pursue my Masters Degree in Journalism. The school is Regent University, an AMAZING Christian graduate school whose mission statement is to raise and train leaders in this world (focusing on law and government, communication studies, psychology, education, and business) who will glorify Christ in their field. I could ramble on (and I will :) ) sometime, but for now........two minutes left until my departure from the radio.

So there is a little popcorn with a dab of butter

There is TONS going on in life right now and I wish to write down my thoughts, feelings, excitements, and even aprehensions as I prepare for this next chapter in my life. I'm sure there is TONS going on with you guys, my friends, as well. So take this "sneek-preview" as an encouragement to KEEP WRITING because goodness-knows I will read it. All of it. OK look forward to reading new and exciting stories.

Farewell for now :)
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
6:56 pm
Lesson Called Life~
I've said this once and will say it again- anytime I share something said, done, or felt that has encouraged me- I wish to share it with others in hopes that it will encourage YOU (aka them). So here it is- my "life lesson" for the week.

We are finsishing up the book of Numbers in the Thurs night Bible study. I think Chapter 15. Although I can't share off the top of my head the detail of this chapter (feel free to read it!) I do wish to share the "life application" that Pastor Matt so beautifully illustrated, using his gift of words. In that chapter, we find a group of people who are just not satisfied with God's provision, and are longing for more. The word is harsh, but yes they were experiencing "greed." The analogy Matt used was great- have you ever been on a sports team? And the coach puts you in a position that you would rather not play...you really wish you had "that guy's" position and are disatisfied with your own. I was on numerous teams in high school...field hockey, soft ball, lacrosse... so I know that feeling. I hated the defensive positions. Anyway back to the point. God has given us a certain position in life -and rather than be disatisfied of that position, we should look at life through different lenses. I have been praying for the gift of gratitude lately. So often it is easy to fall into the trap of looking at what you've got, accomplishments or lack thereof, and question your "position" in life. I am reminded of Jonah, who actually heard God's calling and direction for his life, and totally ran the other way. Note: Jonah told the guys on the boat that he was God fearing, so Jonah still loved God even though he ran against his calling. Did that keep Jonah from going where God wanted to go? The rest of the story reveals that even despite our mistakes and lack of obedience in following Him whe He speaks, just love God and He will STILL take you to where you want to go. God provided a whale to swallow up Jonah and take him to Niniveh, the place where he was origionally destined to go (after Jonah repented).

So what is the so called "life lesson" application in all this? Simple, gratitude is a gift. A beautiful gift at that. Some of the happiest people in life are those who do not take for granted what God has given them. I pray that we look through the rose-colored lenses at life that God intended us to look through. Not to say that there won't be hard times, because even Jesus said "in this world you will have trouble". The world stains us each day of our lives...."but take heart, for I have overcome the world." He has overcome the world, and for me, it takes a daily discipline of giving Him the firstfruits of my morning....that quiet time that is written in the Psalms as "be still and know that I am God," devoting times of worship and praise., asking Him for the strength to remove the stains that the world imposes on me.

One last note: I believe that God spoke to me recently through two specific passages in the Bible that go hand-in-hand. Daniel 10:16-22, and 2 Timothy 4:17. In Daniel, he has this vision that knocks the strength right out of him. He then tells the Lord that he can not go on, in the context that it spoke to me, to serve Him. The Lord then touches Daniel, and says that he has renewed his strength. In 2 Tim, the Lord touches him as well, and the passage says "But the Lord stood with me, and strengthened me, in order that through me the proclomation might be fully accomplished, and that all the Gentiles might hear; and I was delivered out of the Lion's mouth." Remember how Daniel was delivered from the lion's den? I believe that we are to rely on God for daily strength to get through the mundane routine of every day living. In my own life, I believe that gratitude is interconnected with ministry. So the course of action is as follows (for me) 1. Ask God for the strength 2. Give thanks for his provision 3. Proclaim His goodness so the Gentiles might hear, whether that proclomation is audible, or the quiet glow that has when one has been in communion with God. 4. We are rescued from the Lions mouth, or the whale for that matter...what ever has swallowed and consumed us to act as a distraction --when that is purged from life...what remains is that we find we were in God's provision and direction and timing all along.
Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
7:49 pm
Although I would love to blame the lack of motivation for doing school work right now on daylight savings (we lost an hour nooooooo :) ) I am thinking that it is just the work itself isn't exactly calling my name. Tons of long journal articles on terrorism to read, and then write a paper on the morality of it (yawn). Our last 10 pager for philosophy will be on (gasp) pornography! whether or not it is immoral. So yea I'm feeling that wieght on my shoulders that overload of work can do.

Only one class to go in the fall!

My friend Jeff came down to play at the cafe on Fri., and at the same time they were holding a fundraiser for all the ppl going to the Dominican Republic. There was a silent auction, and this raffle where for a small amnt of $ you can buy a load of tickets, and drop it into paper bags in front of various prizes. Prizes included surf shirts, movie tickets, gift certificates to various shops and restaraunts. Guess where I put all my tickets into? Yep, coffee crazed me stuck all the tickets into the prize with a Starbucks mug and two bags of mmm coffee. And I won!

It was refreshing seeing a bunch of friends that I don't see on a daily basis. WIBG asked me to do a live remote of the whole thing for the station, so before hand I worked the board at the station while Nancy ran around interviewing. I am incredibly thankful for Jeff and Sue (his wife), they are our age and always have a bunch of "twenty-somethings" at their place- always good times, and they are such good ppl with great hearts.

Anyway I am not so sure how "in-depth" I should go into my journal about my thoughts......emotion.....encouragements....struggles. Online stuff can make a person vulnerable huh? On the note of struggles (ok I tend to think way deep bear with me :) )- is this whole notion of living out the biblical verse that we are to "be living in this world but not of this world." Sometimes I get caught in the death grip of the world. Worried about image, job security, academic status; wondering if I fall into looking at quantity rather than quality of friends. Of course that is a bold faced lie (about the friend part), but the lie has crossed my mind. I would like to invest more time into quality friendships, what I am doing to give glory to God's image, and as far as "academic status and job" look at that as another way I can glorify God and pray on what He wants to do with the gifts He has given me. There is a fine line between humbleness, selflessness, and humility (qualities which I admire in so many people but feel like I still need to embrace them)...and then falling into that spiritual trap that Jana was mentioning at SCF that night Pastor Matt spoke. I agree with both of them- too long of a concept to recap!

So homework is waiting...but maybe I'll throw in one more thought. Ever feel like a floater? Not a bad thing, but I think I fall into the "floater" category. I don't have one single set of "absolute best friends that I see every day during the week." I am so thankful for all the people God put into my life, yet sometimes I long for that single solid like three or so ppl that are just always there in proximity. That comes with living on campus or sharing an apartment. Anyway, I'll stop running on tangents in this journal and get (sigh) started on this whole work thing. Part of a Jars of Clay song to leave you with:

"I am the only one to blame for this
Somehow it all adds up the same
Soaring on the wings of selfish pride
I flew too high and like Icarus I collide
With a world I try so hard to leave behind
To rid myself of all but love,
To give and die
All said and done I stand alone
Amongst remains of a life I should not own
It takes all I am to believe
In the mercy that covers me

I look beyond the empty cross
Forgetting what my life has cost
And wipe away the crimson stains
And dull the nails that still remains
More and more I need you now,
I owe you more each passing hour
The battle between grace and pride
I gave up not so long ago
So steal my heart and take the pain
And wash the feet and cleanse my pride
Take the selfish, take the weak,
And all the things I cannot hide
Take the beauty, take my tears
The sin and soaked heart and make it yours
Take my world all apart
Take it now, take it now
And serve the ones that I despise
Speak the words I can't deny
Watch the world I used to love
Fall to dust and thrown away
I look beyond the empty cross
Forgetting what my life has cost
So wipe away the crimson stains
And dull the nails that still remain
So steal my heart and take the pain
Take the selfish, take the weak
And all the things I cannot hide
Take the beauty, take my tears
Take my world apart, take my world apart
I pray, I pray, I pray
Take my world apart"
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005
2:34 pm
Even the Mere Thought is Cool...
It is a good thing to get along with your teachers. Yes very good I must say. The COMM dept has some fun ones, particularly Christine Farina. She gets along with her students in such a laid back way, she discards the whole notion of "suit and tie" teachers ---gotta love "real" professors like her! Anyway Farina came up to me today with an awesome propositon. She said that there is a very good possiblity that she was going to recieve a grant from the college to fund her and three students to get to go to Poland to do a video shoot...and that I was her top choice to join her on the trip!! Awesome! I would have to enroll in a class for Summer Subterm A (which I need to graduate anyway). So yea, it's not set in stone or anything but even the the thought that it could 'qute-maybe-be-a-possibility" really blows me away! So hopefully that works out. The only thing is I gave a tenative commitment to help manage Steel's on the boardwalk over the summer..Lori is really depending on me to pull through. I think she'd understand though if I go on this trip. We live once! Travelling is such a passion of mine.....we live in this vast beautiful world -it is a shame if we ever get confined to one area!
**Monika - hope I get to visit your country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday, February 17th, 2005
9:12 am
The Exterminator
In the war against the bugs, they are being zapped at a remarkably fast rate! Awwwwww yea, thanx to the antiboitics (and gulp, they cost 65 dollas!), that sickness I have been struggling with for forever now is finally coming to an end. The bugs I'm referring to are the ones that decide to attack the immune system at full force, over the counter medicine puts them to "sleep," but antibotics are like an exterminator- killing the problem from the root! Sweet!

OK in other news, last night was great. A bunch of us went to the Red Sky Cafe, and then to Becky's to watch Napolian Dynamite. There is some mysterious intrigue that captivates many people with the Dynamite movie. If you fast forward the credits you can see the wedding of Skip and Lawfanda, it is hilarious! The Red Sky Cafe is this cute little Mexican restauraunt in Seaville, NJ. It is a tiny place, mmmmmmmmm but the food is so good! The event was Michelle had a friend come down from Maine, I think his name was John. Very nice person, as all of Michelle's friends seem to be. I think once in a while a dinner and movie is needed- to take your mind off the everyday busyness of life. Well this is a short entry because I have homework due for the next class. Until then my friends this is the end :)
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
9:14 am
Hit From Behind
Oh wow do I feel sick :( Darn, I just got over this viral congestion that I had been battling for over a month too! What happened? Well first off I know that my mom caught my previous cold, except hers is way more intense. So I have been running around everyday doing things, and perhaps ran my immune system down a bit. Anyway, I think I "recaught" my cold! My coworker at Events Services mentioned the power of words. Rebuke the cold, he said, "if you tell it to go away it will." So I "rebuked the cold" today but I still don't think it is listening to me. Like it has a mind of its own! Haha. Decisions, decisions, what to do? I had made plans with a friend to hit the mall today around four...I am at work now till twelve, and have a 12:30-2:30 class. Part of me wants to cancel all life activities.
**Well- The communications dept just called me at Events Services. It looks like I am not going home sick, I am going to some meeting at 10 to help out the dept. Actually that is cool- so maybe I'll just rebuke the cold a couple more times and it will go away!

This weekend was a great weekend, and well worth seeing everyone! A great "Thank you" to Beena, Pam, and Cian for navigating me to destination Brigateen, I am notorious for being lost- and it is always nice to be "found." Also, I am glad to have seen so many faces at the mire. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm french onion soup at the diner hit the spot. OK my head feels in the clouds because of congestion, so I will write a more coherent entry sometime lata- happy post v-day (mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate!)
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
10:29 am
Ode to Krysteena
Wow perfect timing for Krysteena to send me a "book-long" letter from California! I want to share part of her letter, because it is a timely followup from my last journal entry, and well- simply because I want to write a little "tribute to Krysteena." She was my "best-friend-from-high-school-who-just-got-married." Believe it or not, I actually do have a really crazy side to me, and my craziness was at a peak through my high school dayz. Krysteena is a lot like me in many ways, but back in high school she had about 4x my crazy spontaneous wild energy. Interestingly (and unbeknownst to either of us at the time) we both got saved toward the end of high school, but she had at the time moved to Stone Harbor. Needless to say we both mellowed out a lot, and she got married. Her husband Adam enrolled in the Calvary Bible college in CA, with his aspiration to be a pastor someday. So the two took a scenic road trip by car accross America to CA. Krysteena completely photo copied her journal of the trip, and sent it to her family in friends (which means it is safe to share a line or two to you). It is rather lengthy, and so detailed that I feel right there in the midst of all their wild adventures on the road. She is hand always will be such a part of my life- we are two peas in a pod! OK but I just wanted to write one of her last reflections on leaving everything she knew and loved behind.....

"For a couple of days, in my heart I had been quietly struggling with the huge change in the atmosphere, leaving everyone and everything that for so long I had associated myself to comfortably and now I was brokenly and open to live my life in complete disregard to any instant familiarity to anything but my God and my husband....because I have learned that all things change, who I am is not determined by who I have in life. Therefore, I am not alone a wife, or a daughter, or a sister, or an aunt or a mother but always a child of God because He never changes. The whole experience with coming out here makes me wonder if God is using it to work in my life in that area; to make me stronger in leaning on Him alone...."

OK quick thought: Following her broken state, we see God's grace in provision...

"We couldn't of been blessed any more- we are one block from the college and we are renting a room from a Chineze retired couple who love the Lord to death. They spend most of their time studying God's Word, going on mission trips, and helping others in any way they can. They have already been an inspiration to Adam and I on how to live our lives fully in the Lord! PPS- We have been eating oranges and tangerines after picking them right off the tree ourselves!"

Sorry this is long but one last thought:

I learned something recently through a bible study-

The parable with the fish and bread.....remember Jesus feeding the 5,000? Look closely at the passage, I think it comes from John. You will see a particular process that Jesus directs the people into when getting fed. (this is straight from scripture)

1- He makes the people aware of their need by asking a question.
2- He asks them to give to Him what little they had (note: the boy gave Jesus his fish and bread)
3- He asks the people to sit at his feet
4- they are blessed more abundantly than they could ever think or imagine
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
8:55 pm
"Seasons Change"
That is actually the name of a song, "Season's Change" by Ghotti Hook. That phrase may be somewhere in the book of Ecclesiastes (not spelled right?). Life is kinda like the weather. You enjoy the different seasons...watching the leaves go from bright green, to brown, to snow covered, and then bloom with flowers. Each frame presents a unique picture, emotion, memory...yet with every new season I seem to get a little nostalgic about some aspect of the old. In the midst of a warm summer sunset, I might suddenly miss the crisp cold of winter (ok maybe I'm one of those rare people that likes crispy cold!)

I guess you can see how that connects to life. Seasons in my life involve something more than weather, but actual connections with various friends. Close friends that were once side by side with me in YWAM are now in various parts of the world. Close friends around the area (non stocktonites) have jobs, different churches, and seem so far removed from my everyday life. I get almost sentimental thinking about all the awesome people I met at Stockton these past four years. My goodness so many people that we hit it off with in life....but when all is said and done, when we hit the thirties...who will be the few precious friends left that passed the test of time? OK guys I hope that doesn't sound sad. Actually on a very very happy note I realize that with every change of season, new people and things in life arise, which continue the cycle in some crazy pattern.

So that is this semester, welcome to a new season.
Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
9:00 am
Sharing the Wealth
Due to limited time (and gosta do homework), this list will have to be continued at another point. For now- here is some fun links to bands and resources for Christian rock music.

**my friends from mewithoutyou have a new music video. Yea they really dance around the stage like that in concert :) For anyone who like poetic, dramatic, "interesting" music- you are in for a treat. 2 ways to access the video 1) go to toothandnail.com, and cick on the link for videos- there is a list on them. Click on mewithoutyou's January 1979. 2) http://www.toothandnail.com/video_play.php?id=69&type=quick&speed=high

lyrics = www.christianrocklyrics.com

Sounds like "Alternative female rock bands"
1- flyleaf www.flyleafmusic.com (note free sample on website)
2- eisley www.eisley.com

Beautiful lyrics
Cool Hand Luke- (drummer is the singer- there is piano and harp in some tracks)

Bands that kinda sound like coolhand luke (aka mellow)
-lovedrug www.lovedrugmusic.com
-mourning september (see damos agency link)
-sleeping at last www.sleepingatlast.com

"Christian MTV" tvulive.com
**page that lists a bunch of christian rock artists

A few good ones from this page.....
Kids in the Way
Last Tuesday
subseven **love the song "emotion"
dennison mars
dead poetic
further seems forever
falling up

Good promotion agency www.damosagency.com
click on clients, and several that I think are ok are.....
cool hand luke
mourning september
plain jane
names without numbers
loved by sigurd

additional band-
Prescription www.rxtheband.com

OK yea definately time for homework- much more out there, but I hope this can be a good start for you to find some indie christian stuff that you like- feel free to write if there is a certain "sound" that you were wondering what bands emulate that sound.
Monday, January 31st, 2005
3:07 pm
Wave of tiredness
It is 3:07 PM and I feel ready for bed :) After a crazy summer working three jobs, I practically vowed never to do a seven day work week again. Well, kinda broke that little promise this week, darn! Basically I work at Events Services, easy enough job, five days a week from 8:30am on. Then there are the classes (every day), so this is the normal time I get home. This weekend I worked both at the station, and at Steel's on the boardwalk (filled in for someone), and went to a concert. Definately playing catchup (not Hienz). I hope it doesn't sound like complaing, because I am actually thrilled with a benificial change I made to the sched this semester...waking up everyday by 5:45 am, making myself fall asleep by..no later than 11 (usually earlier). Why would one do something so drastically anti-normal-college-students-sched?! Lemme recommend to anyone who could fit it in, prayer and reading the Word in the morning is so worth it. The Lord has really blessed the effort for "quiet time" in the morning. Thats all I have to say about that. Well- must get back to what I was "supposed" to be doing. Maybe later today or this week I can post a bunch of fun bands and singles in various catagories for you. There is so much awesome music out there and it would be a waste not to "share the wealth" with my friends! Have a nice day!
Sunday, January 30th, 2005
4:34 pm
Sorry guys, in the total lost track of time....oh my the football game is next week, huh? I guess the scenerio I posted in previous entry we can anticipate next week. Note to self: today is sunday in JAN, not FEB. Alright!
3:58 pm
So anyway there is a book next to me in the station that worth pulling some quotes from. The book is called "God through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds," by Michael Caputo. Ooooh and one of the gentleman put into foucus is Kant, I have to double check the first name to see if it is the same Kant, who we are studying in my Ethics Theory and Practice class. That is encouraging because I was almost nervous to take the class...that somehow my faith would be put into question. It seems like there is light at the end of the tunnel after all. Out of three quotes worth mentioning off the cuff- the first comes from a different book I read a while ago by C.S Lewis that goes hand in hand with quote #2.

#1 "The whole point of seeing through something is to see something through it. It is good that the window should be transparent, because the street or garden beyond is opaque. How if you saw through the garden too? ...if you 'see through' everything, then everything is transparent. To 'see through' all things is the same as not to see"(91). -C.S Lewis: Abolition of Man

#2 "What is outside God dissolves into mere perception, image, knowing...and in it there is not the slightest trace or gleam of true formal being, which remains wholly in God. In the beginning wholly independent of all possibility of the opposite, independent of all arbitrariness, all chance, and thus of all time, grounded in the inner necessity of the divine essence itself, was the form. And the form was with God...and the form itself was God: thus God came forth in it just as He is in Himself" -Fichte

**My class is studying morality, its nature, and what counts as true moral reasoning behind our beliefs...so the following statement can be helpfull for any future ppl considering taking an ethics class
#3 "Morality leads infallibly to religion, by which it expands to the idea of a moral, all powerfull Legislator who is external to man who has in His will the final end (of the creation of the world), that, at the same time, may and has to be the final end of man....it is one of the worthiest inquiries to see how far our reason can go in the knowledge of God...God is the only ruler of the world" -Immanual Kant
2:57 pm
Kinda Numb
I'm not sure if you would classify creating a livejournal, while I should be "working" at WIBG, productive. Well, considering that I am allowed free reign of the computer and have pretty much all day to get the programing done, I'd say at least I am not doing anything illegal! Actually, if I remember correctly, there is this thing going on as I type....ah yes, football :) My parents and brother are at home, probably with Eagles shirts on, a pizza, bucket of wings, screaming (or shouting with joy) at the game. Gotta love the things in life that bring out our emotions! Anyway...oh yea, the numbness has kicked in a little. My job at WIBG is to spend a good 4-6 hours (depending on how much time procratination wastes) downloading programs, and hooking up a few live. This job involves sitting in a nice comfy chair, located right next to a computer (hooked up with internet and all!) I find that even though I am doing my job, the fact that I am sitting down creates an occaisonal numbness if I don't get up for a few hours. Maybe I'll run around in the snow to cure that problem...oh wait, snow I believe creates a whole new kind of numbness!

On another note, I really enjoyed the David Crowder concert on Friday. In the grand old age of 23, I am starting to look at concerts with a new perspective. The origional perspective shed a lot of light on the show itself...when concerts first grabbed hold of me I tried to get as close to the stage as possible...trying not to blink too much...absorbing the scene wholeheartedly. However, now for me there is more emphasis on the PEOPLE that I go with, and the fact that these adventures somehow bring us closer together. Fun times. Oh yea, almost forgot that I am at work. Back to business!
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